Saturday, February 27, 2010

Portuguese Marinated Pork Meat (Molho de Figado)

This is a great meal, and is one of our favorite Portuguese meals to serve guests. When it's done right, the meat is incredibly tender and flavorful. The title says it uses liver, but we've never made it that way. --Mark


Pork roast, cut into large chunks
Red cooking wine
Crushed red pepper
Crushed garlic
Olive oil
Liver (optional)


In a large bowl, mix meat, crushed red pepper, salt, and garlic. For a standard sized roast, about 1 -2 T of garlic, and a small spoonful of red pepper will work. Coat the meat heavily with paprika. Add enough red wine to wet all of the meat, but at the same time create a paste. You can add paprika as necessary to get the “pasty consistency.” Let the meat marinate for a few hours, overnight if possible. Lightly oil the bottom of a roasting pan. Cook the meat at 350˚F for an hour or so until done.


Traditionally this dish includes liver with the pork meat. We’ve never used it and it always turns out great. Go heavy on the spices and light on the wine. We’ve marinated the meat for as long as 2 or 3 days for a really tender, flavorful meal. Serve with some sort of green (like spinach) and rice or mashed potatoes for a fabulous meal. Warning: your home will smell AWESOME while you are cooking. You can also cook this in a crockpot, which will give you a less roasted flavor, but it is still delicious.

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